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Meet up ON 13-21 September 2007 – AT ITMA MUNICH

Over the past 19 year , within the fields of tourism we been operating as an A class Travel Agent headquarter Office based in İstanbul , along with 4 inland and 4 overseas offices in Paris- Dubai-NewDelhi and in Buenos Aıres ,

Plaza Tourism & Travel Agency utilizes its strong industry knowledge and significant buying power to deliver successful custom designed programs. We offer complete services in the fields of activities of


At the same time we are the official for Turkish Football Federation and also the local agent in Turkey provıdıng all ground arrangements for Milan , Albanian and Ukrainian national football teams.

In 2005 Plaza tour. had organısed the openıng ceremony for the fınal championship match and maintaıned a lojistic support to uefa by arrangements of accomodation and transfer services to liverpool and milan footbal teams

Been the offıcıal agent for the İnternatıonl cosmetic fair which took place ın global city of İstanbul between 9-12 june 2006. where studıes can we observed on our web page www.….

Plaza Tours core value is providing exceptional customer service and client satisfaction with products and services of the highest quality and value, while maintaining acceptable budget specifications

Plazatur has gained a full success in carrying out hundred of national and international exhibitions and meeting organizations since 1992. and by these achivements the confidence of all legal foundations to our company has been proven by the organizations stated above.

At the Previous İtma exhibitions held in 1987 1991 1995 1999 and in 2003 we have accomodated groups and gave services to over 3500 visitors and participants from Turkey during the prevıous İtma fairs.

By our extreme İtma Knowledge from the past organisations, we would like to declare been the official agent in Turkey for the International Exhibition of Textile manchinery held in Messe Munich İnternational between 13-21 September 2007.

By our prevıous İtma Organisation experiences, Plazatour has once again completed its studies for the world’s biggest event İtma 2007.

All room arrangements and payments, at all hotels have already been undersigned and finalized, and wıll be represented in the beginning of year 2007, by our experienced Plazatur sales team..

All contacts wıth hotels are fully signed and payments are fınalısed for over 750 guaranteed rooms that have been booked by plaza tour; whıch each hotel were visited individualy and exmaıned by our ıtma sales staff and fınalızed ıts studıes by 2 dıfferent ıtma 2007 programme session

11- 16 September 2007 sessıon 1
16- 21 September 2007 sessıon 2

We are pleased to offer you the first priority of getting an early reservatıon confrramation by taking the advantage use of our online hotel booking system.

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